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Does dot matrix laser hurt?

There is pain during dot matrix laser treatment. The dot matrix laser is divided into non stripping dot matrix laser and stripping dot matrix laser. The non stripping dot matrix laser treatment is shallow, does not break the skin and does not bleed, so the relative pain is light, but most patients can’t stand it. Non stripping dot matrix laser also recommends external application of surface anesthetics, so that the degree of comfort can be better. For exfoliative dot matrix laser, the trauma is undoubtedly heavy and the treatment depth is deep. After completion, there will be bleeding, swelling, redness and scab, so it is necessary to apply topical anesthesia. Even after applying surface anesthesia, some patients still feel pain, and the local burning and hot feeling is obvious after completion.

After finishing, you should do more cold compress. Cold compress can better alleviate the pain feeling. After finishing, there will be basically no pain on the second day, which can be better improved. As long as there is no infection, the pain feeling can subside on the second day. So do dot matrix laser, external application of surface anesthetics can, do not need oral painkillers, most patients can tolerate. If you are particularly afraid of pain, you can also take oral painkillers at the same time to achieve the auxiliary analgesic effect.

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