Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

Dot matrix laser cosmetic technology

At present, dot matrix laser technology is a new medical beauty technology most concerned by the global skin and plastic industry. It is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive. It not only has the rapid and significant effect of invasive treatment, but also has the advantages of less side effects and short recovery time of non-invasive treatment.

1、 Working principle

Dot matrix laser therapy is to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin with laser, and then cause a series of skin biochemical reactions, so as to achieve the effect of tightening, rejuvenating and removing color spots.

2、 Treatment scope

  1. Remove acne and scars, especially acne scars, trauma scars, surgical scars and frostbite scars;
  2. Remove wrinkles: wrinkles on hands, neck and face (especially those around the mouth and eyes), reduce deep head lifting lines, stretch marks and skin relaxation;
  3. Treat skin superficial pigmented diseases such as freckles, coffee spots, senile spots and other pigmented diseases, and improve chloasma;
  4. Improve photoaging skin and coarse pores, and thicken the dermis.

3、 Advantages of lattice laser

  1. It has the dual effects of instant gasification and firming and long-term stimulation of collagen proliferation, and has the effect of rejuvenating the skin;
  2. Completely achieve the effect of traditional exfoliation treatment;
  3. The recovery time after treatment is greatly shortened: the epidermis will completely heal within 8 hours, and you can wash your face and take a bath. In about 4-5 days, the scab at the small white spot will fall off, and the skin will return to its normal appearance. The internal collagen regeneration can last up to 6 months or even 6 years.

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