Harm of lattice laser?

Lattice laser is a concept of laser output. People used to understand laser output as a beam or a light spot on the skin. Now, through automatic scanning technology, the output laser is distributed into several points, which is simply called lattice laser. Lattice lasers are divided into different types. Now the lattice laser is carbon dioxide laser or erbium laser. This stripping laser can obviously see the grid like skin damage when it is hit on the skin. Now there are also non exfoliative lasers. Only slight redness can be seen when hitting the skin. The non exfoliative laser has little impact on the skin and has no obvious recovery period. For exfoliative laser treatment, the probability of complications may be high, because it belongs to invasive treatment, and dot matrix laser for acne scar is the best. After exfoliative dot matrix laser treatment, some people may have skin redness. Patients with serious skin pigment reaction may have the risk of infection and even scar aggravation. In regular medical institutions, this risk can be basically avoided after regular doctors choose appropriate treatment.

The harm of dot matrix laser is mainly due to skin burns caused by surgical methods, poor cleaning and nursing after operation, and allergic symptoms. Dot matrix laser operation is relatively simple, but if there is an error in the operation process, it will cause damage to normal skin, which is often manifested as facial exudation and bleeding, so it should be treated in a professional institution. If the post-operative care is improper, it is easy to cause infection and dry skin, so you should pay attention to cleaning after operation, do not touch water, and apply appropriate repair products after scabbing.

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