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How does dot matrix laser treat acne

Acne is commonly known as acne. Although some people laugh and call it “youth essence”, it leaves acne marks and scars, which seriously affects the “face” of acne patients for a long time. In the 21st century, with the continuous efforts of dermatologists, an advanced method, dot matrix laser, can effectively solve the problem of “face”.

Lattice laser is the latest invention in the field of laser medicine. It adopts new laser technology local therapy, applies laser energy to penetrate into the deep skin to treat lesions, and can promote collagen regeneration. The dot matrix laser can output the laser energy in the form of segments, which avoids the excessive concentration of traditional laser therapy and the damage of the generated energy to normal tissues. At the same time, it can promote the skin healing process and enable patients to resume their daily activities in a shorter time.

Dot matrix laser treatment of acne has the advantages of good curative effect, short course of treatment, less pain and low recurrence rate. At present, in the hot development abroad, our department follows the pace of world medical development and introduces this new technology to serve the majority of “face” young people.

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