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How long will it return to normal after dot matrix laser

By doing dot matrix laser cosmetic surgery, you can remove scars and stretch marks, alleviate the problem of uneven skin color, fade spots and eliminate wrinkles. But after the operation, we must do a good job in nursing.

How long will it return to normal after dot matrix laser

How long will it return to normal after dot matrix laser?

Dot matrix lasers can cause small wounds on the skin that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It can remove old skin tissue by extrusion and regeneration, stimulate collagen remodeling of dermis, promote skin regeneration, make skin tighter, improve color spots and fill scars. During the treatment, the laser directly penetrated the local skin to form matrix small white spots. The epidermis healed completely within 8 hours, the scab of small white spots and the skin fell off completely, and the skin returned to normal within 3-7 days. After dot matrix laser treatment, a new generation of epidermis appeared within 24 hours, and the internal collagen regeneration lasted for about 6 months.

After dot matrix laser treatment, there will be some small wounds on the skin, which usually heal within 24 hours. During this period, keep the wound clean and do not touch water, otherwise it will cause wound infection. In addition, slight redness, swelling and pain will appear on the skin after treatment. Ice bags can be used to compress blood vessels and stop bleeding. At the same time, it can calm the skin and reduce swelling and pain.

Ultraviolet rays can accelerate skin aging and stimulate the synthesis of melanin. After dot matrix laser treatment, the skin resistance will decrease. If exposed to the sun, it will cause skin scars and affect local tissue repair. In addition, the heavy metals contained in cosmetics will enter the skin through small wounds, affect tissue healing and even induce infection.

3、 Don’t tear the scar with your hand

In general, it takes 3-7 days for scabs to fall off after dot matrix laser treatment. You can’t buckle them by hand, otherwise it will tear the wound, prolong the wound healing time, and even leave scars. In addition, the cuticle of the skin after laser spot laser is damaged, its shrinkage ability is reduced, and the local temperature is high, which accelerates the evaporation of water, resulting in dry and compact skin. After dot laser treatment, water should be replenish in time and regularly replenish the water mask to keep the skin moist.

After 6 months of dot matrix laser treatment, sunscreen should be made to prevent skin exposure to the sun, and replenish water at the same time. Take a moisturizing spray at least once a hour, avoid staying up late, and ensure adequate sleep. Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C and minerals, which can provide enough nutrition for new cells.

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