Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

Is the laser dot matrix effective

Dot matrix laser treatment is effective. It can significantly improve facial spots, sunken scars, acne pits, acne marks, slight skin relaxation and small wrinkles. Dot matrix laser is a kind of micro traumatic laser. After completion, scabs will form on the surface. Scabs will fall off in about five days, and then delicate skin will be exposed; At this time, patients should pay attention to local moisturizing and sunscreen, continue to promote skin repair and collagen proliferation, so as to achieve the effect of repair.

Dot matrix laser can treat acne pits, pockmarks and sunken scars. It has a better effect on sunken scars that are less different from skin flatness. Because the depth of skin damaged by dot matrix laser is limited, there is also a certain limit to repair Chengdu. Patients should choose treatment according to their own depression. If the depression depth is close to 1mm, it is difficult to achieve a flat repair effect, and they need to cooperate with other treatments, such as plasma laser with large damage.

Before the operation in a regular hospital, patients can understand the concave scars, pits and pockmarks treated by laser. Some concave scars need to be injected with autologous serum for treatment. Periodic treatment has a better repair effect on these concave scars, pits and pockmarks.

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