Principle of carbon dioxide lattice laser

The carbon dioxide dot matrix laser therapeutic instrument emits laser in the way of scanning dot matrix, which can form a burning area composed of laser action dot matrix and interval on the skin surface. Each laser action point can be composed of single or several high-energy laser pulses. The laser action point can reach the dermal layer and form conical pores. Under the action of laser, it stimulates the proliferation of tissue collagen, It also promotes the reorganization of collagen. Because the shrinkage repair of conical hole will promote the skin to have obvious plump and delicate effect, so as to significantly improve the skin relaxation, quickly tighten the skin, make the skin delicate and elastic, and improve the skin qualitatively.

After dot matrix laser surgery, patients can eat more fruits rich in vitamin C, such as Kiwi fruit, apple, banana, etc. this kind of food can promote skin metabolism and improve skin state. After dot matrix laser treatment, patients should choose a light and digestible diet and eat less allergic foods such as seafood to avoid skin edema caused by allergy and prolonged wound healing time.

Dot matrix laser is used to make small needle holes through the laser to stimulate the skin, repair skin scars and deficiencies, and achieve the effect of beautifying and rejuvenating the skin. Although the trauma of dot matrix laser is small, attention should be paid to avoid getting wet after operation, and pay attention to sunscreen after scab removal to avoid leaving pigmentation. Usually, the dot matrix laser needs to be treated once in 2-3 months. After 3-4 times of treatment, the skin will be greatly improved and the effect of skin beautification can be achieved.

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