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The dot matrix laser will recover in a few days

After dot matrix laser treatment, the inflammation will gradually subside about 1 week. For pigmented spots on the skin, it may take longer to completely repair. The longer time may be about 1 month, or even 2-3 months. The color of the skin will gradually subside and return to the original color, or the original pigmented spots will gradually subside, but the pigment may deepen in the early stage.

After dot matrix laser treatment, we should have scientific psychological expectations. In the early stage, especially about half a month, some may have pigmentation. But with the passage of time, the pigmentation will gradually decrease after calm inflammation.

Commonly used dot matrix laser indications, such as scars and superficial fine lines. Generally, once the dot matrix laser is used, there will be an effect. For example, after the scar is used once, the texture and activity of the scar will be much stronger than that of the scar. If you want to achieve a satisfactory state, you need to do it 3-5 times according to the situation, or even more times.

If the local fine lines are made once, they can reach a better state after 2-3 months of repair, so there is no need for the second treatment. If there are still some fine lines after 2-3 months of repair after one treatment, the second treatment can be added.

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