Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

What are the risks of doing dot matrix laser to remove beans

Dot matrix laser is also a way to remove acne. It uses a specific wavelength of laser to inhibit the generation of acne. It has a good effect on removing acne, so it is welcomed by everyone. Dot matrix laser can effectively treat subcutaneous acne and acne marks, can quickly penetrate the skin, and is preferentially and selectively absorbed by the pigment group in the tissue and the hemoglobin in its blood vessels, without causing damage to normal cells, so as to achieve the effect of acne elimination.

What are the risks of dot matrix laser

  1. The laser will only destroy the subcutaneous skin tissue and cause serious damage to the surrounding skin and normal skin tissue. 2. It can only destroy the collagen and elastic fibers under the skin, and can not achieve the purpose of treatment. 3. Only for the deep lesions of the skin, can not fundamentally solve the skin lesions, such as chloasma. 4. The laser can only target the color spots on the surface. 5. The laser used can only be removed to a limited extent, and there will be a large area of damage, which will cause great damage to the skin.