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What care should I do after dot matrix acne removal surgery

“Acne” is the mark caused by the failure of acne recovery. It is estimated that no one has not seen or understood it. Who hasn’t grown a few acne?

What care should I do after dot matrix acne removal surgery

At present, many anti acne skin care products in China are emerging day by day. Dot matrix anti acne is a good anti acne medical and cosmetic surgery. What care should be done after dot matrix anti acne surgery?

1、 Dot matrix to acne rebound? Is it effective?

Dot matrix acne removal has high safety factor, many effects and wide application. It has good effects on acne, acne marks, heavy color, uneven skin color, thick pores, fine lines and other skin problems.

Three to five times a course of treatment, the treatment program, the cosmetic effect is more obvious.

2、 What care should I do after dot matrix acne removal surgery?

The recovery time of MM is different. The dot matrix acne removal takes about 28-89 days; Fruit acid skin change can remove acne for about 1 to 2 weeks. It is normal that there may be some redness, numbness and burning sensation in the early operation area and surrounding tissues (dot matrix acne removal and exudation).

According to the doctor’s advice: (1) if the redness and pain after the operation can be eliminated by local ice compress; (2) Prevent infection, do not do strenuous exercise, touch water and directly touch the operation area with your hand; (3) Do not forget to supply various vitamins and nutrients such as protein / trace elements; (4) Do not eat dark, spicy and stimulating food, and quit smoking and alcohol. (5) Do not use stimulating maintenance products; (6) In the later stage (redness and disappearance), there will be a large number of scars. Pay more attention not to tear them with a strong hand; (7) Pay more attention to isolation, sunscreen and water lock. Mild color sink is a normal phenomenon. Pay more attention to the nursing points (especially isolation and sunscreen) and it will gradually improve.

3、 Which kind of person is not suitable for dot matrix acne?

(1) pregnant women, people who are fond of beauty, light sensitive beauty, and MM, such as photosensitive drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, severe hypertension, diabetes, long term psychotropic drugs, antihypertensive drugs MM and MM, are not suitable for dot matrix acne removal. (2) MM who is allergic to fruit acid, skin sensitivity, facial dermatitis is not good, and has received radiotherapy, freezing and skin grinding in recent 3 months; Mm with insufficient sunscreen measures and no attention to care is not suitable for fruit acid skin change to remove acne.

After understanding and summarizing the relevant instructions, those seeking beauty can also avoid damaging the effect by improper factors. Xiaobian also hopes that beauty lovers go to the dot matrix of authoritative medical beauty institutions to remove acne, which needs to be done on the basis of their own health, and pay attention to postoperative nursing measures.