What is the price of dot matrix laser

What is the price of dot matrix laser? Dot matrix laser is a laser emission mode. There are many factors affecting the price of surgery, such as location, selection of hospitals and doctors, treatment scope and so on.

What is the price of dot matrix laser

Dot matrix laser can repair itself and achieve the effect of tightening, removing color spots and rejuvenating the skin. The general price is about 6000-10000 yuan.

  1. Related to operation and doctor

Doctors are skilled in operation, complete surgical equipment and higher price, but the effect and safety are guaranteed.

  1. Related to color spots

Everyone’s actual situation is different. The size and distribution of spots, the type and depth of spots, and the adequacy of acemea cell nutrition in their own body all determine different surgical schemes and treatment processes, so everyone’s cost is naturally different.

  1. Instrument related

Lattice laser has more comprehensive functions, higher performance and more accurate parameters. Now many medical and beauty institutions have launched dot matrix laser, but there are many kinds of instruments, including genuine and imitation versions. Different instruments will have different therapeutic effects and prices.

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