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What to do when the energy of dot matrix laser is heavy? Precautions for dot matrix laser

We all know that dot matrix laser is the latest medical beauty technology. This beauty technology has a very good effect on skin repair, with few side effects and very safe, so it is deeply welcomed by people. However, if the dot matrix laser is not operated according to the normal process, it is also very easy to bring certain side effects to patients, so we must pay attention to this situation.

What to do when the energy of dot matrix laser is heavy? Precautions for dot matrix laser

So what if the dot matrix laser energy is heavy? If the laser energy is too heavy, it will cause great damage to the skin, which is likely to cause the patient’s skin color, which will have a great impact on the patient’s appearance. In this case, we should stop treatment in time, and in our daily life, we must pay attention to prevent direct ultraviolet rays. Before the wound scabs, do not touch water, otherwise it will easily affect the recovery of the skin. In addition, patients can also use repair products for skin care, which is also very helpful to improve the symptoms of color sink.

So what is the correct operation process of dot matrix laser? Before dot matrix laser treatment, patients should make relevant preparations, clean their skin in time, and do not take anticoagulant drugs before operation. During the operation, the patient should obey the doctor’s instructions and never move. The lattice laser can make the concentrated laser beam disperse evenly, which can make the energy penetrate the skin evenly and minimize the damage to the patient. After the treatment, the patient must not touch the affected area with his hand, but should wait for it to naturally scab and fall off.

There are many precautions for dot matrix laser. Patients should take sunscreen measures in their daily life. When going out, it is best to wear hats and umbrellas, so as to get the best repair effect. In addition, patients should also pay attention to their diet, try to eat less spicy, greasy and irritating food, focus on a light and digestible diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and supplement enough vitamins, which is also very helpful for the recovery of the skin.

In a word, when conducting dot matrix laser treatment, we should first make corresponding preparations, and then operate in strict accordance with the doctor’s instructions. If you don’t believe the problem of color sink caused by laser beating, you should stop the treatment in time, and take skin care by using repaired products under the advice of doctors, so as to speed up the disappearance of symptoms.

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