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Who can’t use laser dot matrix

Laser dot matrix is one of the most popular beauty projects nowadays. It has the effect of removing spots and acne marks. So who can’t use laser dot matrix? How long can the laser dot matrix return to normal?

Who can’t use laser dot matrix

Laser dot matrix is one of the beauty methods that many people will choose. The technology is relatively advanced, but not everyone can do it. The following three kinds of people are not suitable for laser dot matrix.

  1. Sensitive population

Dot matrix laser is a skin physiotherapy technology using micro laser radiation. It is not recommended for light sensitive people because it will lead to skin allergic inflammation.

  1. Patients with skin diseases

Generally speaking, dot matrix laser is not recommended for patients with skin diseases. Because dot matrix laser should penetrate human dermis, it is easy to aggravate the condition of patients with skin diseases. Common skin diseases include psoriasis, vitiligo and so on.

  1. Mental patients

Mental patients are not recommended to use dot matrix laser because it is harmful to their health. Secondly, after dot matrix, some skin care is required, and mental patients’ awareness is relatively poor, which may aggravate skin allergy and inflammatory symptoms, which is not conducive to their health. Therefore, dot matrix laser is generally not recommended for mental patients.

The recovery time after laser dot matrix depends on the specific situation, which generally takes 3-6 months.

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